OneWeb Overview Plans, Tariff Rates, Launch Date


An Indian corporation has purchased a company that will have a significant impact on the world. The Internet will enter a new era if the company’s project succeeds. You can now receive online services from anywhere on the globe.

OneWeb Satellite Internet Connection

To far-flung locations… Even those without access to basic transportation will be able to access the Internet. In the event of a natural disaster, services will not be disrupted… the same ‘OneWeb’…! Bharti Enterprises is the name of the firm who bought it…!

What was the original plan…?

The world’s geographical locations are not all the same. Some places are impenetrable. The most expensive task is laying cables and erecting towers to give internet access in such areas. As a result, internet services will be delivered by satellite. In the first phase, 648 satellites weighing 150 kg will be launched. Two hundred eighteen satellites have already been sent into space.

In March, April, and May of 2021, a total of 108 satellites were launched. More than 1900 satellites will be found in the second phase. A Florida-based corporation is responsible for the production of these satellites. These are being launched into space by the French Ariane space company using Russian Soyuz rockets. These small satellites fly at a speed of 27 thousand kilometres per hour and take 90-120 minutes to complete their orbit.

These are placed in a ‘Low Earth Orbit’ at the height of 1,200 kilometres above the ground. Geostationary satellites, which are used for communications, are located at an altitude of approximately 36,000 kilometres. As a result, there is some latency when these signals reach the earth. It can harm sensitive areas, such as battlefields and online surgeries. OneWeb satellites at an altitude of 1,200 km, on the other hand, avoid this delay. To receive signals from these satellites, customers are fitted with an antenna-like device.

These are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of the customers. This enables continuous Internet access on ships, planes, islands, mountains, and other remote locations.

Bharti brings bankruptcy to life…!

The London-based OneWeb Company was founded in 2012 by a man named George Waler. But, 85 per cent of employees were laid off due to serious financial problems. It was then declared bankrupt in March 2020. But the British government felt that this creative project should not be hidden.

With this, efforts have already started to bring investors into the company. Bharti Enterprises bought a 38.6 per cent stake in the order, while the British government acquired a 19 per cent stake. Bharti Enterprises said last year that it had spent $500 million on the deal. The deal is expected to close in the second half of 2021, subject to regulatory approval. The company is expected to enter India in 2022.

Put up a fight with Starlink…!

OneWeb is competing against SpaceX’s Starlink. About 1,385 satellites have already been launched by StarLink. Due to their low Earth orbit, they have also become a threat to the OneWeb satellites. Both sides went to court. The decision eventually went in Starlink’s favour. Starlink has already set a $500 antenna fee as well as a $99 monthly subscription fee.

OneWeb, on the other hand, pays a little more for the usage of Russian old-school Soyuz rockets. For the same star link, SpaceX’s new missiles are being employed. Amazon is also working on a similar concept called Cooper.

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